Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekly Cartoon Of The Week!!

I am super-duper happy to announce the release of TDBotD's first ever Comic Strip! This is a feature I will try to post weekly, but I think we all know how that goes by now.

Anyway the cartoon is called Ralphie And Friends, and it Features Ralphie, a character I created for the "Smiley Boy" comic strip which ran in my High School Newspaper back in 1996, my Senior Year, back when the internet was called "America Online", and it made whistly-staticky sounds every time your computer dialed in, and people still read things written with actual ink on actual newsprint. (Yes, Old People, I am that young, and Yes, Young People, I am that old!)

Ralphie (just plain Ralph back then) was simply a "straight man" sidekick for the strip's titular character, Smiley Boy. But Smiley just didn't fit in with the tone of the new strip, so Ralphie has been propelled into the age of Webcomics as the star of his own strip. Smiley may show up too sometime, but I won't hold my breath.

The new comic IS political in nature, and the other character in this weeks strip is Ralph's political sparring partner, Talking Point. I expect he will be a rich vein of humor to be mined for years to come. Right-wingers don't despair, Point has a Lefty counterpart (counterpoint?) named Ms. Point, and I am sure she will have her turn in the spotlight often enough.

Without Further Ado, I bring you The Very First Installment of Ralphie And Friends! (click it to get it bigger.)


Anonymous said...

amazing- however, Ican't find your signature anywhere on the 'toon


David B. Coe said...

I like it! Love the idea of the Talking Point. Very clever.

Frank Gibson said...

Thanks, mommasee and David!

The Signature was not "findable", because it wasn't there! I completely forgot to sign my first Web "Toon"! oh, is the egg on my face!

And David, I am pretty proud of Mr. Point, and what's more, I'm astonished that I seem to be the first person to have made this (rather obvious) joke. I got to call "Dibs" on this one!