Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Cartoon Blog!

OK Blogfans - if there are any of you left... I have a new blog set up just for my Cartoons. Rather than go back through a year's worth of blog and remove all references to non-partisanship, I decided to ask my more decidedly political stuff - Cartoons and accompanying Editorials - to please take it outside!

The new blog is simply titled FG Cartoons, and is at , with no reference in the name to dailiness or weekliness or any other schedule commitment. The plan is to do one a week, but I already have another one halfway finished, so we COULD possibly get to more than one a week. After all some very topical and timely jokes won't be funny in two weeks!

The plan is to release them on Sundays, but the first one is out today, and it is entitled "Remodelpublicans". Go enjoy it, or hate it, or whatever... But drop me a comment either way.

And if you have agreed to disagree with me , or would just rather remain ignorant of my more controversial opinions, feel free to leave your computer tuned to this site, where I will resume my previous tone of inclusivity and civility and general non-offensiveness wherever possible.

1 comment:

Jeremy Gibson said...

So now that you're divided between two blogs it'll be even LESS dailier.

You should really rename your blog.