Friday, March 28, 2008

Two More Charities - Sorta...

I Honor Of My Painiversary, I am Donating This week's $52 to B.A.D.D., Bikers Against Drunk Driving. I Started to Donate To M.A.D.D. as well, (I'm a little Behind on the donations, in case anyone didn't notice), but I was Surprised to find that they were rated surprisingly low by Charity Navigator.

The more I look around Charity Navigator, The less Sense their ratings make to me, but looking over the info there, I was informed that the current CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving... is named Charles A. Hurley! I hope That none of my Readers have a Mother named Charles, but in my opinion, that is a lousy name for a mother to have.

I Know, "Mothers And Fathers (And Also Childless People) Against Drunk Driving" doesn't make as nice an Acronym (It's M.A.F.(A.A.C.P.)A.D.D., by the way),but still, Come On! "Hi, I represent Millions Of Mothers across The Nation, And My Name is Charles"? Maybe it's Sexist to say that Charles, or Steve, or Joseph, can't be president of the National Organization of Women, or Daughters of The American Revolution, or NAMBLA, (oh, well, I guess that one's OK.), but that's just where I stand on this.

Anyway, I Gave My 52 Bucks this week to Bikers Against Drunk Driving, who are not mothers, and don't claim to be. (Except maybe "Bad Mutha's" in the "Shaft"-ian sense -ShutYo'Mouth! Hey, I'm Just Talkin' 'Bout Shaft!) They Don't Accept Online Donations, which is kinda silly, considering it's pretty much the easiest way in the world to accept funds. (See my "Donate" button over in the sidebar? It's Easy!) So I will be mailing them an antique, Made-out-of-dead-Trees Check, made out for $51.51 (That 49-cent stamp doesn't buy itself, y'know!).

Over the last three weeks I gave away 52 bucks to motorists who showed up at the Gas Station where I work the late shift. On three separate occasions, I had people who had either poorly planned a trip, and run out of money before reaching their destination, or people whose plastic perpetual-money cards had abandoned them halfway through their trip. I gave each of these three parties enough money to get them either to their destination, or in one case, at least a little bit further down the road. Each of the three people swore that they would return to repay me. I told them each not to worry about it, but they each said, no, they would, for sure, come back and repay me, and boy did they really appreciate it. I was a lifesaver.

To date, none of them have repaid me. I didn't expect it, obviously, but it is a little annoying, as I write this, recalling how insistently they lied at the time.

So, Motorists, both two wheeled and four-wheeled, get covered in today's Charity Disbursement. Got any pet projects that you would like me to Donate to and/or Feature? Have you donated to any of my past charitable selections, and want to brag about it? Comment away below, if you feel like it.

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Art said...

At the very least MADD should have a guy with one of those unisex names; Brett, Pat, Jackie, Kelly, Sam, or (to my wife's chagrin) Stacie/Stacey/Stacy. There were two female writers named George (Sand and Eliot) but both of those were psuedonymns. Never heard of a lady named Charles (or Frank or Art)