Friday, February 8, 2008

Waiter, Blogger, Novelist?

I have over the years been creative in a number of media. Having flexed my writing muscles enough with the blogging thing, I am hoping I will be able to now successfully complete a novel.

I have started one or two other novels in my life, and I get a little further along with each attempt. I have had characters a-go-go. Characters come to me so easily that it almost seems as if they already exist, and want me to put them down in ink. (or pixels, nowadays.) Plot, on the other hand, is hard. Plot is also the thing I appreciate most as a reader. I meet "Characters" everyday (some of them even read my blog), but in real life, a sufficiently complicated and satisfying plot is harder to come by. That is where I really admire the craft of the writer, and where I have less natural talent.

Well, I have more of a full-bodied idea of this book than I have ever had for any previous attempt at fiction, and my hopes are high. Also different this time around, is that I have a daily dose of cheerleading and community from the blog, a blog about sci-fi/fantasy writing maintained by 4 published authors who have all enjoyed some commercial successes.

I won't go into too much more than that here and now, but this blog is for sharing my thoughts with the world, and today, my thoughts are fixed on developing this literary zygote into a full fledged story worthy of publication.

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Liz said...

I'm also good with characters, as well as the over-all idea of what happens. And god do I come up with some good mythic themes ; D It's the little details that trip me up and keep me from doing anything. I like to say that I'm good with the who, what, when, and where, but not so good at coming up with the why and how. Good luck with your project(s) though. I personally have resolved to get a decent amount of work done on one of my big stories this year.