Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Open Letter To MySpace's "Tom".

Seriously Dude,

How long could it possibly take to come up with your "Fancy New" rich-text editor? I have friends with blogs on your Adver-splosion of a site, and every time I have left a comment, for the last several months, I have seen your lame apology for the absence of a rich-text editor.
The rich-text editor is currently disabled. We're working on a fancy new one.

Oh really? Are you? Well it better be really fancy when it finally gets here, because you have been "working on" it for months! 1000 monkeys locked in a room with 1000 typewriters could have come up with a few good options by now!

Or maybe that is your strategy? By "working on" it, do you mean you currently have monkeys in a room with typewriters, and we should all just wait for that to pan out? Because if a high school senior can hack the iPhone inside of 8 weeks (and now without even touching the hardware), and folks can counterfeit the "counterfeit-proof 20" within a week, then I am thinking you have not done such a good job of hiring coders.

If you had provided the right 12 year-old with a free linux distribution and a steady paycheck, he could have carved an advertisement for into the face of the moon with a laser by now! Their website would still suck, but every 30 days, when we turned our faces to the sky on a clear night we would be able to see two yearbook photos from the 1960's, above the words:
"She Married Him!??" - brought to you by's Lunar Ad Project. See for details.

Get Cracking, Tom! Your site is owned by Rupert Freaking Murdoch, for crying out loud! Borrow a couple thousand bucks, and give me a button for Italic Font, and a button for Bold Font. That's all I'm asking. Now hop to it.

Your "Friend" (but then, who isn't?),

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Anonymous said... this myspaces tom?
well i need help..[: and im very confuzed