Saturday, February 16, 2008

America's Got Comments!

Well, I've got comments, and I live in America, so.... There! My Title is Logically Proven.

Just a quick shoutout to my recent commenters on The Daily Blog of the Day. We have had a little cross-talk in the comment threads this week, and I want to go on the record as encouraging that sort of thing. If you haven't been reading or participating in the comments, then you are missing out a little.

If you flashback to my previous post about Magicians/Quick-Change Artists David And Dania, Liz had some great links, in the comments section of that post, to YouTube video of Vocal Genius Terry Fator, who was the eventual winner of the America's Got Talent grand prize. He is referred to as, and refers to himself as, a Ventriloquist, but I think this is underselling himself just a little. I appreciate a good ventriloquist as much if not a lot more than the next guy, but Mr. Fator's act transcends ventriloquism.

When he belts out tunes by Roy Orbison, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Kermit The Frog, Garth Brooks, Nat and Natalie Cole and Etta James, he is doing more than Ventriloquism. He is singing sometimes very difficult vocal material in the voice of the original performer, without showing the slightest trace of effort or strain on his face. Most non-puppet-wielding singers would have veins popping out of their heads reaching for some of the notes he goes for.

So feel free, if you haven't clicked through to the site lately, to go check the comments out. You might learn something. Also, if you leave a comment, and want to keep up with others' responses to it, then click the little box when you leave it that says "e-mail me future comments on this post", or something to that effect. That way when someone responds to your comment with "yeah, you rock!", you can pop back with, "nuh-uh, YOU rock!", or something more intelligent about schroedinger's cat.

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