Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Playing Catchup

OK, I haven't posted for awhile, because I've been spending a lot of time on... that, thing.. What's it called? That thing where you are not sitting at a computer? Oh! Yeah!

REAL LIFE. Yeah, that's it!

Yeah.. So spending time on real life really eats into the old "Virtual" life of the blogger. I had a little Wi-Fi-Enabled time at lunch on Saturday, but I spent it getting airline tickets and hotel reservations for my Big San Diego Adventure.

Other than that brief window, the weekend was just too busy to get any serious bloggetry done. I spent 48 hours away from the interweb, and just spent 2 hours clearing out my various in-boxes. My sincerest apologies to my cult-like band of devoted followers (if you, in fact, exist) for not posting enough. And my apologies to the rest of you for the deluge of posts that I am about to create in an effort to catch up.

Speaking of Ketchup, What's the deal with this? I walked into the Ol' Workplace the other day and spotted this Heinz "Mini-Me" Ketchup Bottle sitting on the counter. We do not sell these at the store, and none of the employees that I spoke to knew where it came from. It struck me immediately as:
  1. ridiculous
  2. impractical
  3. totally unnecessary
  4. awfully freakin' cute!
I photographed it, thinking to include it in my Finally! series of supposedly-convenient items, but I am not quite sure it qualifies, as it never claims to be useful.

So, instead, I used it to make a corny pun. So sue me!

Incidentally, this little glass bottle holds exactly the amount of Ketchup you threw away with your last bottle of ketchup, bacause you couldn't extract it from the container.

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