Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Could I Get Some Milder Peanuts, Please?

Well, the Deal is sealed, I am headed for San Diego - The Other City of Brotherly Love!

I spent an hour on Saturday, using the free Wi-Fi at University Pizza and Deli on the UT-Chattanooga Campus (I reccomend their Lasagna, it's delish!) finalizing my travel plans for my big trip to visit my exiled brother out on the Left Coast.

At the "Passenger Info" stage in the confirmation process, I was presented with this screen. I had seen this screen before, but now it had a new option. A welcome option for anybody raised in my house..."Bland" is now an option
That's Right... "Bland" food is now an option for the Flavor-phobic! If you hate any food spicier than white bread, it is now safe to fly! I find a great deal of humor in the fact that just basically being a picky eater is lumped in with religious restrictions and serious diseases like Diabetes.

(and Yes, for those of you who didn't know, my Real first name is Thomas. I could tell you my middle name too, But then I would Have to Kill You.)

I will be flying out on the Friday, the 4th of January, and returning on Sunday the 6th. This will be the first time I will go through Airport Security since having 8,000 dollars worth of surgical steel inserted into my left arm back in March. I hope they will still let me take my arm as a "Carry-on" item.

I will be staying at the Bahia Resort Hotel on Mission Beach for the 2 nights I am there. This Hotel has its own private beach and marina, complete with a "seal pond" which houses a pair of live harbor seals! Overkill a little? yeah, but this is my combined Christmas AND 30th birthday present, so I am going to live it up while I am out there. Actually the reviews I read were mixed, with guests either loving it or hating it, depending on where their room was. If my room turns out to be sub-par (not that I expect it), I can always stay at My Bro's Apartment. (As he has practically insisted!)

Anyway, the total cost for this trip clocks in at right around 600 bucks, after Taxes, Title, Dock Fees, Fuel Fees, Service Charges, Surcharges, Upcharges, and Flat-out Bribes have all been factored in. That's a lot of money for a Gas Station Clerk, so if you were going to get me anything for Christmas (or my 30th Birthday), then help me do this. If you use that little "Donate" Button over on the left side of my page, then I will send you a beautiful, High Gloss, Autographed Photo of Me, Suitable for Framing! Imagine how impressed your friends (if you have any) will be when you show them your autographed picture of the most famous Left-Handed, Red-Headed, Blogger named Frank Gibson in the World! Just make sure you include your address, and how you would like the inscription to read.


Liz said...

I don't know if you'll make it through security, Frank - you look like such a terrorist.

And I could tell you my middle name, too, but then I'd have to kill you, and that would be sad to do before your trip.

Valorie said...


Frank Gibson said...

well, Valorie, you only live a few miles away from it. Go sneak in to the hotel and see the seals! Or wait til I get there and you are a legitimate visitor.

Frank Gibson said...

Liz, Maybe I will Shave before I go, just in case. NAAH!

And so what if your middle name is Elwood, that's nothing to be ashamed of... much.