Saturday, December 1, 2007

If You Liked "Sifl and Olly"...

Okay, I'm gonna come right out and say that this brand of comedy is not for everyone. You might very well think that this is the dumbest thing ever. But If you liked the "Sifl and Olly Show" (and the later work of Liam Lynch), then you may possibly appreciate the brand of comic genius that is Leslie Hall.

Who is Leslie Hall, you ask? She is the leader of the quasi-band "Leslie and the Lys", and the woman responsible for the "Gem Sweater" video, which, if you don't turn off about 10 seconds in, will be stuck in your head for a while whether you want it or not. I saw the Gem Sweater video back when it first debuted on atom films in 2005, and the follow up "Beat Dazzler" video.

Well, three weeks ago, Leslie and the Lys put out a new video on YouTube, entitled This Is How We Go Out, and it shot to the number one spot. Unlike the first few videos, where awkward and painful music was accompanied by awkward and painful imagery, this one actually has a pretty good song to go with the awkward and painful imagery. If you check out Leslie's YouTube profile page, you find some non-musical comedy which is kind of Tom Green meets "Sifl and Olly" meets an Overweight, Middle Aged, Iowan Woman.

Anyway, If you don't like it, you can't say I didn't warn you. If You did like it, you might also want to check out Groove Fighters Episode One and Episode Two.

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