Monday, December 24, 2007

Escaping the Endless Cycle of Self Reference.

I have found a way around the endless cycle of self reference on this blog.

What is the endless cycle of self reference, you say? Well, it is what happens when you notice what keywords people are using to find your blog, then mentioning how funny it is that someone found your blog using those words, thus using those words again, driving more traffic to your blog with those same irrelevant keywords. A look through the old posts in this blog shows them time and time again. The "Search Engine Wrong Numbers" was a great idea, but then people kept showing up from those keywords, only now they wre linking to the even more irrelevant S.E.W.N. post!

So how do I share with you fine readers a snapshot of what is bringing people to this site, without using the words themselves?

How about a snapshot? or more technically a screenshot? Google won't index my page based on pictures of words! Computers can't read pictures of words, that's why to post a comment you have to do just that to prove you are not a computer.

So, here is a list of the things that drove people seeking knowledge to my site where, in many cases they received no knowledge whatsoever. Sorry, knowledge seekers!

Looks like my top search result was for that holiday that I wish I had invented. I did elaborate on it a lot, though, and my buddy Art even linked to it in his post about Festivus. Thanks again, Art!

What was disturbing, though was the nuber of people looking up that "Fortunate" place in my hometown. I didn't even write a post about this place, just mentioned it in the comments, and three people found my site through various versions of that search. The place named was closed down for a while (on some technicalities, court case on the more serious charge is pending) by the local constabulary after a Customer, let's call him... oh, I don't know... "John", admitted to having received... well... something that you won't find in the movies Fallen, Seven, Old Yeller', Million Dollar Baby, and Pay it Forward. (hint: Rhymes with "Sappy Mending")

So, to you lonely Truckers out there who happen on this site while looking for the "Lucky Spa Monteagle TN Tennessee", please be advised, the Police are keeping an eye on that establishment, and you don't want to end up like our buddy, "John", now do you?

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Art said...

No problem, Frank. The Thanksmas post was great and I'm all about stealing other people's stuff (though I do try to give a tip of the proverbial hat).

And I apologize for my small part in causing the "Lucky Spa" seeking traffic;)