Thursday, December 13, 2007

Assorted Miscellany

  • Becca's arm seems to finally be getting better, but no thanks to the meds she was prescribed. All THEY did was give her a rash, which made of think her condition was getting *worse*, not better. Her immune system seems to be starting to cope with the situation, though.
  • I have upped my schedule at the gas station, & gone from 2 part-time jobs, to 1 full-time job AND 1 waiting tables part-time. This is the first week of that, and I just realized that it means that I now work 7 days/wk, and BOTH jobs on Thurs.
  • I got some pictures (finally) of my town's 1.21 Gigawatt Thanksmas Illumination, but they probably look like crap, because my phone-cam just isn't up to snuff when it comes to taking pictures in the dark. I will (hopefully) post them to flickr on Thursday. One is all I can post by phone.

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