Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The not-so-daily blog of the day....

Ok, so the more observant of you may have noticed that there was no Haiku Movie Review™ posted yesterday. As a matter of fact, I didn't post anything at all yesterday, marking the first lapse in my resolution to blog Daily. I am a miserable failure as a blogger, and I apologize to those who checked in to see what terrifically info-cational edu-tainment I had to offer, and found NOTHING instead.

There are a few reasons though, that there was no Haiku Movie Review™ yesterday.

A - I didn't watch any movies last week, because my brother beat me mercilessly until I added the Arrested Development 3-DVD set to my Netflix queue. So instead of getting two or three Feature Films to review, I watched TV. It was hilarious, by the way, and I am sad that there was no season 2. I recommend the series for anyone who likes great writing, and occasionally subtle humor. If you liked Napoleon Dynamite and/or the Animaniacs cartoons, then you should love Arrested Development.

B - The other reason I didn't post yesterday is that I just bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I'm a Bookoholic (although, as Demetri Martin might say, I ain't never seen no "bookohol") I slept on the couch again last night, with my Harry Potter book, Yes... I am a Sad, Strange, Little Man... I know.

C - The last reason I didn't post, is that I worked full time at two jobs last week, and between that and the new book (see reason B above), I didn't have the time or energy to post yesterday.

Like I said, miserable failure, yadda yadda... Apology, yadda, yadda, and so forth.


jerm said...

There are three seasons of Arrested Development.

I've only seen Season 1 thus far.

Frank Gibson said...

Oh, Yay!

season two here I come!

I thought it was prematurely canceled because it was too smart for the frito-munching populous.

Valorie said...

It WAS prematurely canceled because it was too smart for the Frito-munching populous. But it still got three seasons. Though season three is shorter than the first two. You can find little jokes throughout that third season that kinda are jabs at Fox and their decision.

Valorie said...

Also, you say if you like Napoleon Dynamite, you should like Arrested Development. May I ask how you came up with that conclusion? I never would've thought to associate the two.

Frank Gibson said...

Similarities between N.D. and A.D.:
-in a word:awkwardness
-weirdly long pauses after jokes (with no laugh-track)
-"lovable loser" characters (Gob reminds me of Uncle Rico a bit)
-probably some other things, too.