Thursday, October 30, 2008


How Many Countries Has Senator McCain been president of?

By My Count, Exactly None.

By This Argument, No one alive today except Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Both George Bushes is qualified to be president.

And they were NOT qualified for the job when they took it. Neither were George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Millard Fillmore, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, or anyone else who ever took the job.

Would I go under with a surgeon who had never performed a surgery before? Well, Yeah.... if he graduated with honors from the most prestigious medical school in the country and brought dozens of letters of recommendation from medical experts from all different walks of life, and taught surgery and anatomy to students at the university level for years, then I probably would. I might still want to interview him for about TWO YEARS while I made up my mind, but, yeah, I think after all that, I would be fairly confident as they applied the anesthesia.

Would I want a surgeon who would point out that his competition had never performed surgery, while blatantly ignoring the fact that HE HADN'T EITHER! whose main qualification seemed to be constantly harping on how untrustworthy the other, incredibly well-educated and competent guy was? A Surgeon who chose as his head nurse a woman who graduated from cosmetology school on her fifth try, and then worked as a dental hygienist for a little while? (And she's never even SEEN surgery performed before,and can't even define "surgery" when asked what it is, exactly!) A surgeon whose main point of pride is that he is a medical "maverick", who doesn't agree with his own hospital, OR the hospital where his competitor works, and, come to think of it, doesn't even agree with his own head nurse about where to make incisions? No, I don't think I would. It sounds like this guy would be making it up as he went along.

Tuesday, Hurry Up!!

Inauguration day, hurry up even more!


Tim said...

My thoughts exactly. Hooray for early voting!

Kathy said...

Howdy! Can't wait to show up at your place in something other than solid black (OK, OK, I admit to wearing a little color in anticipation of ABB (anybody but Bush) C'MON TUESDAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with the actual post ( though it was a good post ; )

What happened to Pearl's?

(And I'm doing this on annonymous 'cause for some reason open ID isn't working. Could be my new computer. Or could just be me...)


Art said...

Very good, Frank! I totally agree.