Saturday, March 1, 2008

...When They Pry Them From My Cold, Dead, Feet!

I came across this article this morning, and it amused me.

How To Recycle Your Socks
from WikiHow

First off, they mostly mean "Reuse", not "Recycle".

Secondly, these people have obviously never seen my socks!

If my socks have any shred of usefulness left in them, they get used on my feet, not as a Hacky-sack, or a coin purse, and I certainly don't want it anywhere near a beverage!

A Doll! hardly! A Voodoo Doll of me, maybe, but it would be an ugly one. A "Sock Monkey" made from one of my socks would likely be as scary as the ones in "Outbreak"! And possibly as deadly! Not the sort of thing I would want anywhere near a child!


Art said...

I'm all for recycling and reusing but that's just a little disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Motaba socks! : D

I am so pleased that you've seen Outbreak! I thought I was the only one (aside from my roommates who I forced to watch it in college ; )