Friday, March 14, 2008

A Computer With Not Enough Memory....

....Is worse than No computer at all.

It teases you into thinking you can do stuff, and then only lets you know you can't open a program after it has sat around "working" on opening it for a few minutes. Then it doesn't have enough memory to STOP working on opening it, then it doesn't have enough memory to turn OFF!!!!


I am currently on a debt-reduction plan, and I know I should be putting my Tax Money Windfall toward that, but I am very tempted to start laptop shopping.


Art said...

Been there done that. Debt reduction is a good way to go but you can also get a decent new computer for a relatively reasonable price (as compared to a few years ago).

purpleivey said...

or you could get an external hard drive. They're decently priced - I got one that holds something like $100 gigs for about $75. It's slightly larger than a deck of cards. Of course you could get one the same size that holds twice as much for like $200 but I honestly don't see what anyone could ever do with 200 gigabytes of space.

Good luck with it - I understand about computer issues.