Monday, March 24, 2008

123 Book Meme

I have been tagged! Art, over at his own blog, "Tagged" me with a "Meme" Way back on the 8th of this month, right before my old Sony went to that big Circuit City in The Sky. Does getting "Tagged with a meme" hurt, you might ask? No (at least not usually!) What that means is that I have basically been handed the Blogospheric Equivalent of an E-Mail Chain Letter, with instructions to forward it along.

While I NEVER pass along email forwards (So don't even try it!), I don't mind getting tagged, because it saves me the effort of thinking about something to write. So here, without much further ado, is the 123 book meme.

  1. Quick - Grab the nearest book. Go ahead, I'll wait!
  2. Does it have at least 123 pages? If Not, grab the next nearest book, until you get one with 123 pages or more.
  3. Find page 123. go PAST the first 5 sentences, and post the next three sentences.
  4. Then "Tag" 3-5 people to do the same thing. I'm gonna take the Art approach (the Artistic/Artful approach?) to tagging, and say if you feel like doing this, then consider yourself "Tagged"!
Upon landing, They could see where the main bolt of lightning hit. It left a big dent in the nose, with many holes and nodules where the heat had melted the aluminum. [New paragraph..] At Ewa Beach it was month after month of squadron life, with or without husbands, playing bridge,telling stories, making and playing music, and every so often rousting ilicit lovers from behind dumpsters in a bit of impromptu moral policing that Rene and Jim Williford conducted for laughs.

I blog from the airport, so the nearest book was the Biography of Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter, "For Spacious Skies", written by himself, and his daughter, Kris Stoever.

There Ya Go... Wanna play? The Comments section is wide open...


libber48 said...

but there has never been any doubt as to who her father was. "The lion's cub," she called herself, her father's daughter, and from him she got her red hair, her white skin, her dancing, her gaiety, her prediliction for having relatives beheaded, and her sex.
her sex was the problem, of course. Her mother's luck at cards had been bad all summer. But the stars were good, the child rode low in the belly, and the pope, they had agreed, was powerless. They were expecting a boy

Anonymous said...

Ah, I like this one. This one's always better when your room is a mess (like mine is now) and you actually have a book at hand. The last time I did this I had literally just cleaned my room and all my books were on the shelf. I had to go over and close my eyes and sorta wave my hand around 'til I hit one of them.


"'But they carried us up in the air! In the hall there must have been hundreds - '
'I expect it was just magic,' said Hrun dismissively.
'Well, they looked like dragons,' said Twoflower, an air"

Art said...

How sad is it that I had already forgotten this meme! Good job though...

PS - I like the southparkified profile pic.

Jeremy Gibson said...

"Anyone got any firearms?"
There was a pause. People looked around at each other and shrugged.

From Stephen King's "The Mist" which you gave me in January. I put it here at my work desk thinking i might read it during downtime. Havent even touched it until now though. I forgot it was even there, actually.

I searched for "Jeremy Gibson" in google image search today. No results featuring my lovely mug. But there was Frank Gibson in the classic Thor-like pose on Mt Soledad on PAGE 2! How dare you steal my google thunder.

Frank Gibson said...

Wow! Comments! YAY!

Libber - Mary Queen of Scots? I'm no good with ancient English Royalty...

Ivey - HA!! I know exactly what book THAT is, although it must just barely be 123 pages, cause that's right near the end! (Terry Pratchett's "The Color of Magic", for those wondering.)

Art - Thanks, you inspired the change! There is a "Simpsonized" Avatar on deck, for as soon as the new wears off of this one.

Jeremy - Man, Steven King Uses Short sentences! no wonder that book read so fast! Did I actually say I was giving it to you? "Cause I thought I just accidentally left it at your place. I don't want it either way, it's all yours.

"Classic Thor-Like Pose", eh? I like it. If anyone could steal "Google Thunder" it would be the Mighty Thor (Being the God of Thunder, and all)

Art said...

Dude! When you go Simpson, I'm going South Park!