Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Charity #2 - Shar-Pei Rescue of Tennessee

My charity for last week, the second week of February, was Shar-Pei Rescue of Tennessee, which is a part of the Ralston Purina Rally to Rescue Network.

I was headed to the library last Saturday with an unusual amount of free time, when I passed signs for an "adoption event" happening at Sewanee's American Legion Hall. I popped in about ten minutes before the first dogs showed up, but within a half-hour, I was surrounded by Shar-peis of varying size, shape, color, texture, and temperament.

I spent the first part of the afternoon with the first three arrivals, Stewie, Bella, and Dinky. Then in the second batch came Lovey, Synda, Scooby, Thurston, Herbie, and Bonzai. Also in attendance were MuMu and Sybil and Savannah, who was not a Shar-pei, but a very large and lanky Boxer Mix, who looked entirely out of place. I volunteered to take Synda, a champion Face-Licker, off of the hands of one of the event organizers, and ended up holding her leash for most of the afternoon. She was adorable, and I wished I could adopt her.

I won a door prize - a pair of pink-and-blue knit doggie-toboggans, but refused the well-intentioned prize on the grounds that my dogs would never in a million years enjoy wearing a baby hat on an elastic chin-strap. I was given an embroidered beer coozy instead, and a pair of Purina-branded Tennis Balls... I'm sorry, correction, a pair of Purina-branded "Felt Fetch Toys", which, for some bizarre reason, came in a pressurized, airtight, canister. Do tennis ba.. er.. Felt Fetch Toys go stale if you leave them out?

Maybe Shar-peis aren't your breed of choice, and/or maybe you don't live in Tennessee. But at the Rally for Rescue Directory page, you can choose your state, and find a list of different small rescue operations, that need your support. I will reiterate, these are , for the most part, SMALL organizations - maybe just a family, or an individual, with a passion to care for castaway animals. The more help they get, financially, the more animals they can help, so your donation goes a long way.

I took a lot of pictures at the adoption event, but have lost my memory-card reader, so, for now, I can't get my pictures off my phone, and onto the interweb. I hope to find or replace the gizmo soon, so look for photographic cuteness in the near future.


Art said...

As you know, I DO live in TN (and very near you, neighbor) but I can't say I care for Shar-Peis. I'm more of a sporting-dog type of guy.

BUT.. but anyone who helps an animal in need is a fine human being in my book so props for Frank's efforts! Keep up the good work!

Valorie said...

I approve of this entry.

I am sponsoring a cat from San Diego's Rescue House for a year. Jeremy's drawn the line at three cats to live with us, the spoil sport.