Sunday, February 24, 2008

Success! Followed quickly by Failure.

My Altoids Tin of Goodness has been Found!

My lovely and wonderful wife did a little tidying-up around the house in preparation for company coming over, and found the Altoids tin I keep some of my pocket sized technology in.

I carry a flash drive, a micro-SD memory card reader, and a pair of cellphone-compatible earbuds around, and to protect them from unhealthy interaction with car keys, coins, ink pens, and lint, I keep them in a little metal box that used to hold some Curiously Strong Mints dipped in Dark Chocolate. I have the best smelling Flash Drive in town!

The problem is, when I take the headphones out of the tin for some reason, like to use them, the other two items clank around like crazy, making a huge racket at the slightest of jostles. When this starts happening, my Altoids tin gets to live somewhere other than my pocket for a while. For the last two weeks(?) I have had the headphones, but not the rest of the tin. This made me sad, because My memory card was FULL, full I tell you, and I couldn't take any new pictures without replacing some older ones.

So now I am here ready to upload pictures, finally, but flickr's uploader is not working. This is my second flickr frustration post in a very short period of time. I don't know what gives, but be on the lookout for a massive photodump this week.

I got pictures of puppy dogs, pictures of the wintry wonderland that was my yard a few weeks ago, and some random one-off pictures I've been meaning to get around to. If flickr doesn't get its act together, I'll have to use picasa, I guess.

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Art said...

Duh! I didn't even realize Flickr was having a problem.

I keep my flash drive in my pocket but the SD card goes right back into the camera when I'm done. I misplaced it once and I vowed to never let that happen again.