Friday, February 1, 2008

My Interview at TinyChoices.Com

One of the Blogs I regularly read is Tiny Choices, which is a great little blog about being more conscientious consumers, and the reason I will soon own a pack of Bamboo Sporks. They not only have some great ideas about the Stuff we buy, but they also have some really great Ideas on how to structure a blog, some of which I will probably steal some day.

One of these Ideas is a simple, recurring Interview that anyone can respond to, which they post a version of once a week. (on Friday) The questions are always the same, but the participants' answers vary, so it is always fresh, and a nice little read before the weekend.

I took the Tiny Choices Interview, and my turn in the Enviro-Limelight came today, when I Checked in to find my name in the headline of a blog which wasn't this one!

So, to all my readers: go check out my interview, (and leave a comment, if you have anything to add) and check the rest of the site while you're there! You might learn something! And if you like that kind of thing, go ahead and subscribe while you are over there!

And to all Tiny Choices' readers: Welcome to The Daily Blog of the Day! I hope you enjoy the totally random hodgepodge of info-cational edu-tainment assembled here. Like Seinfeld, this blog is about Nothing. Unlike Seinfeld, this blog is virtually unheard of by anyone. But if you like what you see, then hey.. Why not subscribe (by RSS or by e-mail) while you're here? And yes, Jenn and Karina, that goes for you!

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karina said...

Thanks for the super kind words, Frank! we love your comments over at Tiny Choices. The internets are a marvel for bringin' us all together. (...adding you to my rss now...)