Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Am I Dumping Flickr, Or Has Flickr Dumped Me?

Either way, We are through!

My attempts to upload my pictures to flickr have proven futile. Since flickr doesn't want my images, I am sending my unpaid business to Google's picasa, instead. I used to have picasa on my PC, but it did a bit of a wierd-out on me when I got to reorganizing my filing system, and creeped me out. That is a long boring story, and unlike many other long, boring stories, I won't tell it here.

The point is, I am back with picasa, flickr, and no, you can't have back your sweater, you gave it to me, and I am keeping it, along with the mixtape you made me. But don't expect me to just jump back into your arms, flickr - not after this.

Three separate times, I tried to upload my SharPei pictures, and thrice you rejected them. I downloaded your fancy "uploadr" program (or tried to, rather), and couldn't even get it installed without being told I lacked a required driver. Will I ever have enough drivers for you? Why won't you just tell me what driver I need, or where to get it? Why the emotional distance?

Oh well. I won't say it's goodbye forever, flickr. The truth is, I've been burned by picasa, too. But picasa's version 2.7 is looking, mighty improved. If you go do some improving, too, then maybe you can win me back. But you are going to have to woo me, flickr, you are going to have to woo me big time.


Art said...

I've never had any problems with Flickr. I thought about trying Picasa but once I got Flickr's downloader program, it worked so well that I never really thought about Picasa again.

Tim said...

I don’t have fun with Flickr or Picasa at all anymore. They don’t seem to care about new feature enhancements. I prefer more innovative sites like Zoomin and Pixamo.