Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tagline Compendium 2008

Jan wk-1
TDBotD: The Future Is Now... No, Wait... NOW.
About Me: If I Were a Transformer, I would Transform Into a Couch. And Then the Couch Would Transform Into a Bed, Because I Have Extra Double-Transformy Power.

Jan wk-2 (and 3, sorry!)
TDBotD: I am Roaring; Hear Me Roar!
About Me: I'm a Card-Carrying Member of the Human Race, Since 1978.

Jan wk-4
TDBotD: The Blog with So Much Potential, If It Would Just Apply Itself!
About Me: I Was Being Uncool Back When Uncool Wasn't Cool.

Feb wk-1
TDBotD: We Are Dailier Before 5 In The Morning Than Most Blogs Are All Day!
About Me: I've Lost That Lovin' Feelin, and Now It's Gone, Gone, Gone, Woah-woa-wo-oh.

Feb wk-2 (and 3)
TDBotD: Better Than Catnip On A Warm Spring Day.
About Me: If You Rub My Belly And Make A Wish, It Tickles!

Feb wk-4
TDBotD: Even More Sure Than Death and Taxes
About Me: I am a closet fan of the band Creed.

Mar wk-1
TDBotD: A Mixed Blessing, Like a Warm Toilet Seat.
About Me: I Walk The Line, Because You're Mine (And Because The State Trooper Told Me I Had To)

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