Friday, January 18, 2008

I Can Haz Daily blog of Day?

Today, in keeping with my recent tradition of being too busy to post anything of worth, I have decided to outsource my writing to some cats. For only a few grams of catnip these little dudes will write anything! I didn't get a chance to proofread it, though, so if there are any spelling errors, just let it be.. they're cats, OK, not English professors! They don't even have thumbs, what did you expect?!


Anonymous said...

O.K. I didn't have any other place to post the breaking news, but since it is Batman related I wanted to pass this on...Heath Ledger died today...that is incredibly sad...

Anonymous said...

I just sent this "resume" to my work with an email address I just made because they are looking for a receptionist:

bertha von munstercat

2715 rosebriar avenue topeka... kz 77550
telefone=1-555-555-1212 hoem

objectiv= positionas receptionist that wil allow me 2 utilize my skilz

professional experience

vancleevez real estate... topeka... kz
receptionist... 2003 2 present
responsible 4 fonez... filin... schedulin uv appointment n data entry.

citycollege... topeka... kz
receptionist...2001 2 2003
responsible 4 computin... filin n data entry.

skilz n trainin
• windows95/98/2000/nt/xp
• lotus 1-2-3
• excel
• powerpoint
• publisha
• quark
• 85wpm
• 10-key


citee college... topeka... kz
.. business administration