Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Finally! A Portable Hangman !

Have You Ever Wanted to play "Hangman", but were away from the house, or on the road, or the beach, and you hadn't packed your full size "Hangman" set, because it was just too unwieldy to carry around?

Well Now, for only 12 Dollars and 50 cents, you can have all the fun of playing "Hangman" On the Go with a convenient Travel Version!

Previously, to play hangman, you would have had to buy an Ink Pen. Or a Pencil.*

Ink pens, like the ones pictured below, can cost more than 150 dollars! Remember, You can't spell "Expensive" without "pens". And Pencils? Dont even get me started! The Broken points, the sharpening, the eraser holes in your Newspaper Crossword... Who needs that kind of hassle? I know I don't!

The Travel Hangman set costs only $12.50, and works without any pen or pencil required!** So buy a Travel Magnetic Hangman Set Today!

*If you are on the beach, you could just use your finger to write in the sand. But who needs that hassle?
**Pen or Pencil (as well as paper) may be required for scorekeeping. Check with your local Hangman Regulating Authority for details.

(Special Thanks to My Dad, Tom Gibson, for bringing this product to my attention. And thanks even more for not buying me one for Christmas.)

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Liz said...

Ah, Frank - ever the objective and straight-forward reporter. What would we do without your unbiased, never-sarcastic remarks?