Friday, January 4, 2008

Dallas - Looooong Layover.

Well, here I am in Dallas, with 3 hours to kill. I thought that I would be able to meet up with a few college friends who live out here, but the designers of D/FW airport failed to include Any Place At All to join non-passengers for a bite to eat on the other side of the Berlin Wall of Airport Security. To make matters worse, the elderly Info booth volunteer who broke this news to me gave me a load of "911 changed everything" crap that I didn't ask for. The nice waitress here at T.G.I. Friday's says I should go check out Terminal D. I guess I will.
A random girl just shouted "Yea Sewanee's Right!" at me. It took me a second to figure out I was wearing my Sewanee T-shirt.

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