Sunday, January 27, 2008

Costumed Geeks Part 2: I Conned Chattacon.

As promised, this is the continued adventure of my Saturday in Chattanooga. Part 1 is here.

After dropping off my wife at the airport a few miles north of Choo-Choo-Town, I waited for McKay's to open, and received a little over 15 bucks for my crate-o'-junk. I then had about 45 minutes to make it to the convention before 10am eastern. (9am by my watch.) After getting lost (twice) around downtown, I got there just barely in time. I found the convention center, but instead of finding the registration booth (Where I would find out whether or not I could afford to get in), I instead found the reading, about to get started.

So I walked in and sat down. Nobody kicked me out due to lack of convention badge. With my poor complexion, ponytail, and official San Diego ComicCon Swag Bag, I certainly looked like I belonged there. I got to listen to the reading, which was quite good, while sitting to the immediate left of an overweight 40-something lady wearing a Hogwart's School Robe. After the reading I got my copy of "The Sorcerers' Plague" signed, chatted with Mr. Coe for a few minutes, and then set out to find the registration table.

As it turned out, I couldn't afford to go to ChattaCon. And after taking a look around, I wasn't sure I really wanted to go to ChattaCon. The only thing it appeared that my 50-dollar registration would get me was in to the Dealers' room, where I could then spend even more money that I didn't have. So I went and paid the three dollars for the parking garage, and took off back toward McKay's, from whence I had come. There were lots of Artists displaying their works at the Con, But I felt like the biggest Con Artist of them all.

There is more to tell about my Saturday in Chatt-Town, but it will have to wait until another day. Look for Part 3 tomorrow, in which I will tell you where to get Awesome (and Cheap) Shoes, And some of the Best Barbecued Brisket on the Planet.


Art said...

I like how you changed the name of your blog to The Occasional Blog of the Day... Though it looks like you're almost back to "daily" now.

You know, you've almost got me wanting to visit Chattanooga. I haven't been there in years (except passing through). I'm thinking of taking my wife for a weekend getaway and Chatt. might be a possibility.

Frank's wife said...

Definitely, definitely go to downtown Chattanooga on some pleasant weather day!! Easy parking, and a nice atmosphere. It's a great day trip.

Big Daddy said...

I am glad to hear that your life of adventure is still up and running! I look forward to installment number three!