Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bush: Iranian Persian Gulf Incident a

This is Bizarre. This is the wierdest reaction. The facial expressions in this clip are just plain crazy in the context of what he's being asked about.
The President is asked a question, as he should have known he would be, about a Military/paramilitary confrontation that came within a trigger-finger twitch of starting a full scale war with Iran, and he looks at one point like he is trying to stifle a laugh.

Why the heck are you grinning, Mr President? This is not funny.

Seriously, he looks lost in this footage, brain-addled, even. The next 375 days cannot pass quickly enough.


Art said...

375 more??? Sheesh...

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, it does sound like he really has no idea what was going on.

And why is it that saying "375 days" sounds longer than saying "just over a year"?