Monday, December 17, 2007

Amazingly Cool Resources, Part 1 of 5

I started to call this series "5 great web resources I use" but they aren't all web resources. One is a phone resource, and the other is a hybrid phone/web resource. Not all of these resources will be for everybody, but everybody should be able to benefit from at least one.

Amazingly Cool Resource #1:GOOG-411

I used this one just yesterday, and thought it would fit in with the other resources I wanted to talk about. If you are like me (and I hope for your sake you aren't!), then you enjoy the convenience of being able to grab your cellphone whereever and whenever you happen to be, and get the phone number to anyplace you want to call SIMPLY by dialing a 4, followed by a 1, and another 1.

But, if you are like me (again, sorry if you are), you also are a cheapskate tightwad who hates to fork over $1.99 to your phone company every time you do this.

Enter Goog-411, the search engine for your phone. Instead of dialing your old "Pay per call" info service, just add a "1-800-GOOG" before the "411" You will get roughly the same amount of service as you get from your current directory service (although without a human as backup), only for Free! And Franky Likes Free! It's his favorite price!

If you know the City and the name of the place you are trying to reach, and don't have too much trouble "pronounciating" words clearly, Then give it a try next time you don't have a phone book on hand.

Tune in next time, blogfans, for Amazingly Cool Resource #2 - Callwave!

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