Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Am Listed Among The Technorati.

I don't know what that means, but I am.

Not the Illuminati, The Shadowy Group that wants to (or possibly already does) rule the world; Not the Literati, that bunch that like to write, and read and review one another's books; Not the Paparazzi, who hang around on beaches with long telephoto lenses waiting for Jessica Alba to come out of her boat's cabin topless so they can take pictures...

...But the Technorati, the leaders of The Interwebs. Or the Webosphere. Or The Blogonet. Oh, you know, that thingy where all the webpages are.

Anyway I am listing myself there, which will theoretically confer some sort of benefit to me, publicity-wise. The "Technorati 100" is to Bloggetry what the New York Times Bestseller List is to Books. Everyone dreams of making it, but only the cream of the crop get there.

It is not super important now, but if I start up another blog (or two, or an entire Empire, MWAH-Ha-Ha-HAAAAhh!!) then my Technorati Profile would let people who like me (that's You, by the way) to find all my other blogs, even if they are not hosted on Blogger.

If there are any other benefits to having my blog "listed" on Technorati, I will let you know. In the meantime, there is another blog listing service called "Alexa", I think I am heading there next to see what they got.


Becca said...

Hmmmm. Is that anything like the "Who's Who" list they always try to sell you a place on?

Does anyone else have trouble with those security letters or is it just me?

Becky T. said...

*raises hand*
Yes, I have trouble with those letters too Becca...