Monday, October 1, 2007

Photodump! - Bathrooms, Burros, and Balloons!

Hello, Blog-Appreciators!

I have seen a great many things this week.

I have seen Tiny Donkeys, Toilets Overturned, and Giant Bags of Gas ascending into the Atmosphere. (These items were all completely unrelated, though it would be funny to combine them all in a single story!)

For starters, I have now re-mounted my motorscooter, which has earned the name "Red Devil" after its attempted Frank-slaughter back in March. (It has since tried to kill someone else, but I strongly suspect that he was being a jerk and probably had it coming. It is a long story, which won't be told in this forum.) My arm is healed, and my psyche as well, and even though scootering is not as fun without the sense of invulnerability I previously possessed, it is still very practical, allowing me a bit more freedom of movement during the day when Becca is at work.

I take the back-roads on the Red Devil whenever possible, So I can go slower, without anyone (metaphorically) breathing down my neck on the highway. On one such backroad, I saw these guys.

in the picture on the left there are a Dog, a Donkey, a Horse,and a number of Goats, all of which are approximately the same size! I have only occasionally before ever seen these "Minis", but gosh, they're cute! actually I think the Dog, a Great Pyrenees Sheepdog, is actually the largest animal in the field!

Also, I put up a picture with yesterday's post, but my cellphone would only let me send one. I didn't actually take any "Before" pictures, (they probably would have been too gross anyway), but I did want to put up my collection of "During" and "After" photos. Here are a Few.

This is "Pa" Carter, either taking rotten flooring out of our bathroom, or putting a great big hole in, depending on your point of view.

This is my lovely wife Becca, taking time off from her busy schedule to vacuum up debris from around the newly formed "Cavern o' Plumbing" (located right next to Ductwork Falls, off exit 72!)

Two views inside the "Cavern o' Plumbing"! It's a Spooky Adventure for the Whole Family!!!

And here is the "After" picture. Not quite "after" the job was all done and cleaned up, but "after" bedtime, and "after" a long, hard, day of serious work by my parents-in-law. Thanks a lot!

Note to self: When photographing bathroom, avoid odd combinations of items (like monkey wrench and Vaseline) in the foreground... Somebody is sure to make a joke, sooner or later.

I also, completely by accident, saw a Hot-air Balloon launch late Sunday afternoon. It brought back some good memories, because just about two years before, Becca and I took off in that same balloon from that same spot! It is fun, but not for those inclined to be nervous about heights.

I also got video of the event, or rather had Becca get video of it. I think that maybe she forgot she was also getting audio, because she is having some odd, unrelated conversation while she shoots. Just ignore that. She is a busy lady, and can't show her face at the airport without something needing her attention.

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