Sunday, October 7, 2007

Grammar Correction Nazi - On the Move!

Okay, readers, It's been a while since we heard from the Grammar Correction Nazi, but I have come across a few examples of sign-printing idiocy lately that I want to share.

For starters... What are those "quotation marks" doing on this sign? Who is it quoting?

And, lest we blame it on a one-time fluke, this other, differently type-set, sign is two "parking spaces" down...

This is something I see in rural areas all the time. Is it just in the south, or do people "from other places" overuse and misuse quotation marks as well? It is especially funny in some instances, when people tend to use them on signs in lieu of italicization or underlining, strictly for emphasis. You end up with signs like,
Try our "Delicious" Food!
or even worse,
Try our Delicious "Food"!
Then, yesterday, I saw this sign in one of the small cities around the foot of the plateau. I had to stop my car, stop laughing, turn around, park, get out, and stand in the middle of the street to capture this wonderfully wrong sign. I am used to seeing misspellings and grammatical errors on hand-written, painted, or home-made signs, or on those marquees, with the movable lettering, but this sign was official, done by the government, and, I would assume, double-checked by at least one person with a supervisory role of some sort.

Here it stands, though... uncorrected, right in between Eleventh Street and Thirteenth Street...

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