Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some more of the "Local Color"

Hey blogophiles...

A couple of weeks ago, when I brought you all along to the Sharp Shopper with me, I also ran some other errands "Off the Mountain".

The place where I live is right at the intersection of three Tennessee Counties. The City Limits of Monteagle itself lies in two of these counties, Marion and Grundy. Just about every phone call around these parts is a long distance call, even if it's just across the street. When we first moved to the area, we lived in Grundy County. Then we moved about four blocks, and we lived in Marion County. We moved on Election Day, 2004 - So I voted in Grundy County that morning, and moved to Marion County that night. (and had to change my voter's registration)

So now I live in Marion County, and work in both Grundy County and Franklin County. All of this happens within a radius of about 4 miles.

Well, I had to go to the Marion County Courthouse to renew my car's (Franklin County) Registration, and I knew that if I was going to Jasper, I wanted to take a picture of something. The first time I encountered this sign, I reached for my camera-phone to take a picture of it, only to find that I had left it at home. By the next time I saw it, I no longer owned a camera-phone. Now, armed with a functioning 1.3 megapixel camera, I was going to Jasper, TN, and there was a stop I knew I needed to make on the way to the Court Building.

Well, It appears several Protestant Denominations were correct All Along......
Side Note: I wonder if the store's proprietor (ostensibly Lucifer himself) didn't know about apostrophes, or just couldn't afford one....? (or maybe the store sells lucifers, as well as liquors?)

I took a few other Pictures that day, to show those of you Blog readers who have never lived in the Rural South what you are (or, in all likelihood, are not) missing:

This was the place next door to "Lucifers Liquors" With a name like this, it's amazing to note that they are now out of business.
Really, VCR AND tape rental? This posits all kinds of questions... Did they actually rent VCR's there? Did they rent other kinds of tape? (audio cassette, duct, masking, scotch...)
Doesn't this name seem rather depressing? "What did you bring us from town today Mama? oh... another video...."

I also went by the "Dixie Freeze" on the way home. The funny thing is, this place seems to be located smack in the middle of a neighborhood where the majority of residents are African-American.

I wondered if the had any of them "french fried pertaters" that Carl from Sling Blade liked so much.

And if the Dixie Freeze didn't offend, then this should...

Noted, without Comment.


Jeremy Gibson said...

It'd be even better if they used the word "spirits" as many booze stores do.

"Lucifers Spirits"
Now there's a place for the Bible Belt to shop.

p.s. What happened to the Toonament?

Frank Gibson said...

Glad you noticed the Toonament's absence. I noticed that the Toonament was one of the less-popular items on a blog that can hardly be called popular by any stretch.

So, I decided to see, if I canceled the Toonament, if anyone would even notice. Congratulations, you noticed, so we will have another round tomorrow.

Frank Gibson said...

Did you ever notice how, once you begin to notice a word, you start to notice that it shows up everywhere! Well, I just noticed that I used the word "Noticed" a lot in that last comment. Did you notice?