Saturday, September 15, 2007


We found this skinny little girl at the airport, and brought her home. She needs a name. She is as friendly as she is ugly, and her tail is only a ragged stump. I've seen some rough strays before, but I have never seen a cat this skinny before. Anyway, send me your name suggestions so I can stop calling her " "


Jeremy Gibson said...

She looks like a hockey player that likes to brawl.

So name her Tootoo.

amelias-noggin said...

Perhaps you should name her "Ugly Betty".

Valorie said...

A stray once had kittens behind my house about a year and a half before I moved to California. She looked just as rough as your new kitty, and ended up very beautiful and elegant.

Name your cat Darth Katze (Dark Cat). Do it!

Or Wasabi.

Valorie said...

By the way, I know you have other cats, so have you had her tested for Panleukopenia or FIV (feline AIDS) or anything BEFORE letting her around the other ones?

As a veterinary assistant, I felt compelled to ask.

Anonymous said...

Except for the tail, she looks like "Kisses" who was also a very rough looking kitten. name her Winner - she found you two! With a little care, she will turn out OK - I mean- look at PC - he's great


Frank Gibson said...

I really like Tootoo, just because it is a fun sounding name even if you don't know the meaning behind it.

I never watched "Ugly Betty", although that was actually one of the first names to pop in to my head.

I just can't see myself standing on my front porch yelling "Darth Katze! Here girl! Here Darth Katze!" Anybody who names their pet "Darth" anything, should be arrested for cruelty to animals. I like Wasabi, though. The Name, not the food.

And "Winner" is also kinda nice. It would be "Winnie" for short, though probably.

I read somewhere that some studies have shown that cats prefer names that end in a long "EE" sound. I Don't know for certain, but I like the way they sound. Of course Becca 's family and I get around this problem by just appending the word "-Kitty" to the end of whatever name we use.

Elizabeth said...

She needs kinda a tough, survivor name. Like a warrior goddess or something.

If she were ginger or white, I'd say call her Eowyn.

I'd almost say call her bellatrix, but maybe you wanna name her after a nicer person ; )

Valorie said...

I've read the same thing about the long "EE" sound appealing to cats. Which is why Fliffery is a good one. Apparently, Sushi isn't that good because cats don't like the "shhh" sound.

I still like the idea of calling cats "Darth" something. And I think you should've named her Wasabi because, in a sense, she's Sushi's cousin. Sushi and Wasabi. Cute.