Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dap's Hidden Past!

Hey there, Blogreader-type-peoples! In case you didn't notice, the creative juices have slowed to a trickle lately here at The Really Very Nearly Daily Blog of the Almost Every Day.

What I have been Not Doing, Blog-wise, I have been making up for... uh... Domestically-Wise. As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a big chunk of Sunday cleaning/re-organizing/de-cluttering my living room, and hooking up my awesome Turntable/8-Track/Cassette/AM/FM Hi-Fidelity Stereo System to my DVD player, So that my cinematic experience will now have huge sound along with the 17-inch picture.

The Stereo System had been previously sitting unused for the last two-and-a-half years, much of that time in my house's "Rec Room". The Rec Room is the largest room in the house. It had previously been a back patio, or carport, until the previous owners of the house decided they wanted a pool table, but didn't have a room large enough for one. Well, the owners took their pool table with them when we bought the place, and without that one massive and prominent piece of furniture, the room looks large,extremely low-ceilinged, and bare.

Or it did, until we started piling all of our crap in there.

Most of the aforementioned crap is a pile of lumber salvaged from last October's massive upstairs Demolition/Insulation/Remodel. The pile of lumber was about 12 feet long, 1 foot high, and 6 feet wide, thereby taking up a very large portion of the floor. I FINALLY got tired of having to step around all that wood on the rare occasion that I wanted to access the room's other contents, so I got out my miter saw and my hammer and constructed two big, roughly "U"-shaped brackets designed to wrangle all that lumber into a pile 3 feet high by 2 feet wide.

After putting about 90 minutes of work into the pile, I had opened up a large expanse of really dirty flooring. 10 more minutes with a broom and vacuum, and I had a nice clean patch of floor that couldn't help but point out how non-clean all the other floor surrounding it was. This, of course, made me notice the Stereo lying uselessly in the corner, which led to a re-configuring of my TV stand, which led to some other furniture re-organization and de-cluttering, all of which has fed the self perpetuating string of accomplishment, motivation, and more accomplishment.

So yesterday, riding that high tide of motivation, I set out to move the big pile of "Sentimental Value" items out of the corner of the Rec Room. Several boxes of this stuff belong to my brother, who moved across the country a couple of years ago with only what would fit in his Saturn Coupe. I agreed to "hold on to" his stuff, until he was ready for it, since I had such ample storage space in my huge new house.

Well, the boxes of his stuff had been opened at a couple of points, and some of my keepsake items that got chucked in the same corner got a little mixed in with his stuff. I wanted to sort my stuff out from amongst his, and consolidate his remaining stuff into fewer, fuller boxes, since some of his stuff had been returned to him already. (And some stuff only made the attempt... By the way, Bro, The Postmaster Here says that you need to check for your package at the Post Office There before we go to the next step, of checking Dead-letter offices and such...)

In the ensuing Sentiment-Storm, I uncovered My old Wedding Invitations, honeymoon pictures, old sketchpads, old classroom doodles and more. (Jeremy, We were SOOooo hooked on CCG's it really is not even funny!) But the one thing, out of all the stuff I went through, that really caught my eye was this, the possible first-ever appearance of one of DSPN's most well-loved Sportscasters, Dap Spackling.

For why Dappy seems to be making animal noises, a look at the doodle in context, below...

This picture is from at least 11 years ago. It is possible that this is my brother's work, but I suspect that it is actually the work of our mutual friend and fellow Collectible Card Gaming Addict, Jamie, who is now on MySpace under the name Esteban De La Sexface, for reasons I dare not fathom. It was actually a can of Spackling compound located at Jamie's house that first prompted Jeremy to mention what a great News-Anchor name "Dap Spackling" would be.

When Dap changed the original Germanic spelling of his last name will possibly forever remain a mystery.

Oh, and In Case You were wondering... Dirk Beverage (and the Roving Performance-Artists with whom he recently had a run-in) came from the Bizzare, Nashville-based Indy Film, Existo.

As for the beautiful and talented Corian Counters, Her name was inspired by newswoman Formica Davis in the Mike Judge film, Idiocracy. (Formica's Co-Host was named Velveeta, and The President's full name is "Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho". This Movie is really funny about 48 hours after you watch it.)


Jeremy said...

I'm pretty sure I drew all that. I know for certain that I did all the writing.

Frank Gibson said...

Yeah, Now that you mention it, I should have recognized the lettering, if not the art.

A lot of the other art in the same sketchpad was Jamie's though, so I was unsure about this one.

Becky Tolbert said...

Is Existo that weird movie that Jim Varney was in?

Frank Gibson said...

Yes, Becky, Jim varney was in Existo, and if I am remembering correctly, it was his last movie before he died. His character within the movie dies, too.