Saturday, September 1, 2007

And Now.... A Word From Our Sponsors

Friends and Blogophiles, You may have noticed that Advertisements, or "Ads" (or as the brits call them, "Adverts") are now a part of my site. There is a little box full of Google Ads right above all the old polls, but, more importantly, there is a banner at the top of the page. The Banner at the top of the page is not a rotating banner that cycles through ads for a lot of different things, It is dedicated to advertising one thing and one thing only, Firefox, with the Google Toolbar.

Now I don't have to be insincere (like some talk radio hosts I could mention) to say that I use this product, and greatly enjoy it. As a matter of fact I was already hawking this, way BEFORE I found out I could advertise it in an official manner. Anybody remember Keyword University? I even mentioned this way back in my post about the Mencia vs. Rogan "Stealing Jokes" controversy (and that is starting to feel like a long time ago).

So... If you are still among the Internet Explorer masses, please.. Click the ad at the top of the page, and switch to Firefox. Do it for your own good. Do it for my good... (weeping, like Sally Struthers) Do it... for the children!

Now you may be saying to yourself, "Frank, I would love to help you out, but I have had Firefox since before Firefox was cool! I don't even remember what a Internet Explorer window looks like!" (here's a hint: it's uglier than a Firefox window.) Well, long-time Firefoxers... don't you want to share that joy with your fellow man (or woman... or child)?

So go to work, or to school, or to church, or down the hall to cell block "D", and tell your fellow employees, students, worshipers, or inmates about "The Joy of Fox", and also, hey, tell them about my site, and how awesome it is! (See, I can mix promotion and self-promotion!) Or, if you are nervous talking to people about their software, just tell them about The Daily Blog of The Day. The more people that see my site, the more Converts I can make (and the less I cry myself to sleep!)

P.S. - If you get Firefox, you can also get an "add-on" called AdBlock Plus, which enables you to block the ads on this page. If you already have Firefox with ABP, then that blank spot at the top of the page it what this post is about.

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